Love Local - Blumenfeld Creamery Milk

August 23, 2018
Love Local - Blumenfeld Creamery Milk

Are you lactose intolerant? This milk might be the answer!

We were at the The Blumenfeld Creamery learning the story behind the non-homogenized milk that this local creamery sells at Winkler & Morden Co-op grocery stores. Thank you to Dan & Helen for inviting us to their farm and telling us the story behind the milk. And to Registered Nutritionist Sonia Funk from The Whole Avocado for discussing the benefits of this farm fresh milk.

This milk is pasteurized at the lowest temperature that is legal in our country! This lower temperature leaves more of the valuable nutrients and enzymes in tact than a higher temperature does.

By not homogenizing the milk Blumenfeld Creamery chooses not to change the original molecular structure of the milk an cream. And this milk comes from Jersey Cows. Jersey cows typically have more of the A2 protein and less of the A1 protein in their milk. The A1 protein can make milk more difficult for some people to digest (lactose intolerance). Some people with a dairy intolerance find that they tolerate milk from a Jersey cow much better than other milks available.

Sonia has more information at Find this milk and Winkler & Morden Co-op Food Stores.