Co-op Community Spaces supports Winkler Arts and C

July 6, 2016
Co-op Community Spaces supports Winkler Arts and C

Co-op's Community Spaces program recently announced the Winkler Arts and Culture Centre as the recipient of a $66,175 grant. The Western Canada-wide program aims to protect and beautify work spaces across Canada.

"I never imagined it could turn out as well as it has," Winkler Coop General Manager George Klassen of the facility. "This is just going to be a beautiful facility and it's just so nice to see some of the history being kept alive and used for something very worthwhile."

The money will be used to finish the first phase of the construction which includes a large gallery space, coffee bar, classroom and office.

Winkler Arts and Culture President Ray Derksen explains the centre's first show is expected to open in the next couple of weeks, with a major showing and special events in August to coincide with the Harvest Festival. A grand opening is planned for September.

"It's really exciting to see the finished product here after the last two and a half years of hard work," Derksen says, adding it's gratifying to see the Co-op's Community Spaces program valuing the vision and contributing to the project.