November 1, 2018

Hello Fuel Up to Win participants! Our Fuel Up to Win promotion will be back again in 2019, but this year we are doing a special pre-promotion called #FuelUpMyTown!

We want to give you the opportunity to WIN $25,000 to go to our community, plus get your town name on the 2019 Fuel Up to Win Collector Card! Examples: #Darlingford#Reinfeld#Thornhill#Roland, etc.

During last year’s Fuel Up to Win promotion, we received a letter from Devin, an eight-year-old from Oak Bank Manitoba (see attached).

We think this is a fantastic request from Devin, which is why we created the #FuelUpMyTown contest!

How do you win?! You must comment on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #FuelUpMyTown and tell us why your town should win. Include your town hashtag (#yourtownname) in the entry! 

Good luck!