Special Delivery for Mom!

April 20, 2018
Special Delivery for Mom!


NOMINATE A MOM to WIN, and accept a token of our appreciation!

We all know that mom that could use a little help. 

From now until Mother's Day, we want to honour busy mom's by delivering groceries right to her door, as well as a bouquet of fresh spring flowers! We will pick one winner per week until Mother's Day. 

In appreciation of taking the time to nominate a busy mom, and If your nominee wins, we will also throw in a gift card for you!

Winning mom's will be able to pick $75 worth of groceries from the Co-op flyer found here. Or she will be able to choose her desired items on the Co-op App flyer. 

Start nominating! 


  1. You may nominate as many mom's as you think are deserving.
  2. Nominations can be made on our facebook page (private message or comment) or by emailing contests@winklercoop.com.
  3. Nominations must include a description of why you think this mom is deserving.
  4. Winkler-Morden Co-op will pick one winner on each of the following dates: April 27, May 4, May 11.
  5. Winners will receive $75 worth of groceries and a bouquet of flowers delivered to their door.
  6. Winners will be able to look through the Co-op flyers, but are not limited to Co-op flyers, in order to place their orders.
  7. There is no cash value for this prize. 
  8. The winner will have to purchase anything exceeding a $75 grocery delivery.
  9. Nominations of winners will be shared publicly via social media.
  10. Winners may be photographed and videotaped for public use on social media.
  11. Co-op reserves the right to change rules as deemed necessary.

Some restrictions may apply.

Did you know that Co-op has been making deliveries to the doors of Winkler & Morden residents and businesses for over 30 years? We are happy to assist everyone from busy moms to those with physical challenges. To learn more about Co-op deliveries, please email deliveries@winklercoop.com.