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Board of Directors

Co-ops are democratically controlled; members control the co-op through a locally elected Board of Directors. More information about control of the Co-op can be found on our FAQ page.

Every year we seek nominations for Board Members.The Winkler Consumers’ Cooperative Ltd Board of Directors represents the membership and is responsible for setting policy and guiding the cooperative towards a profitable and socially responsible organization. The Co-op Board of Directors is currently accepting nominations for Board Members. Eligibility requirements are as follows: Personal Qualifications [Section 184] No person shall be a director if that person: (a) Is not an individual; (b) Is less than 18 years of age; (c) Is of unsound mind and has been so found by a court in Canada or elsewhere; (d) Is bankrupt; (e) Is an employee of the Cooperative or a commission operator under contract with the Cooperative; or (f) Has an account with the Cooperative that is more than 90 days in arrears. Further Qualifications [Section 184] No person shall be a director unless that person or an entity of which that person is an officer, director, or member: (a) Was a member of the Cooperative at the end of the last financial year of the Cooperative (b) Purchased good or services, or a combination of both, from the Cooperative during the last financial year of the Cooperative, worth the collective amount of at least $1000; and (c) Support the affairs of the Cooperative and complies with the by-laws.

Nominees must meet the qualifications and nominations must meet the requirements specified in the Co-op’s by-laws. 

Preferred Competencies

    Basic knowledge of co-ops
    Working knowledge of democratic environment
    Strategic thinking & long-term planning skills
    Ability to understand cash-flow & financial statements
    Experience in risk assessment & management
    Prior Board experience
    Member understanding of both rural and urban markets
    Flexibility and independent thinking
    Comfortable in team approach to decision making and problem solving
    Time commitment
    Participation in mandatory training requirements
    Strong interpersonal skills 

The current board members of Winkler Co-op are: